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New For Sale Section!

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Chattanooga ENM Pics Uploaded

Pictures from the LCOC Eastern National Meet in Chattanooga, Tennessee, have been posted.  They were taken by Dan Szwarc and Doug Shahady, who drove down to the meet in Dan's 1966 Convertible.  The weather was great and the trip was made mostly with the top down in both directions.

Click on the Photos link in the menu or click here to see those pics.

Sep 16-17 MI-LCOC Museum Tour & Play

Sept 16-17: Overnighter Details

Lincoln & Continental Owner Club Overnighter

September 16 – 17, 2017

The LCOC overnighter is a tradition of the Michigan Region where a member works hard to plan a fun and exciting day of events that ends with an overnight stay at a hotel located generally on the western side of the state.   It allows those on that side of the state to join up with the members who live more in the southeastern part of Michigan without a long drive and those from the SE side to enjoy visiting a few places that are  a little inconvenient to see in a single day and still drive home.