Car Economy Guide: Chapter 2

Here's Chapter II of the latest in 1970s advice for improving the fuel economy for your classic Lincoln.   Recently acquired is a copy of the classic oil embargo-inspired book, Car Ecomony Guide: Hundreds of Money-Saving Ideas for Every Motorist by Ed Almquist.  Click below for the second chapter and more info.     

Published in 1973, this pocket-sized book was written to help people of the era get the most out of their gas-guzzling, oversized, underpowered, and over-engined malaise-mobiles and the 60s muscle cars that preceded them.   It’s heavy on common sense and a little over-the-top with its pronouncements, but as useful today as it was back then. 

The Michigan LCOC is presenting this guide as a historical article of the old days.   Some may remember these books and others will learn how things used to be before electronics, fuel injection, and the lower maintenance cars of today.  

Click on the image above for Chapter II: 168 Miles per Gallon.  The link will open a PDF file (1.6MB).