This page has information about how to purchase items that the club has to offer for your Lincoln.

Purchase from

 Did you know that you can purchase ANYTHING from and a portion of the sale will go to support the club?  Simply click on the graphic to the left and it will take you to  

You will pay the same price that everyone else pays and get the same merchandise from amazon and all of its affiliates, but a tiny amount comes back to the club.  If you do not see the square Amazon graphic to the left, your browser may be blocking it.  If so, you can click here to go to Amazon.

To make sure your purchases are counted and help us, just make sure that items are not already in your shopping cart or your wish list when shopping using the link.  Anything placed there in the past will not help out the region.

Thanks for supporting the Michigan Region LCOC.

Sep 16-17 MI-LCOC Museum Tour & Play

Sept 16-17: Overnighter Details

Lincoln & Continental Owner Club Overnighter

September 16 – 17, 2017

The LCOC overnighter is a tradition of the Michigan Region where a member works hard to plan a fun and exciting day of events that ends with an overnight stay at a hotel located generally on the western side of the state.   It allows those on that side of the state to join up with the members who live more in the southeastern part of Michigan without a long drive and those from the SE side to enjoy visiting a few places that are  a little inconvenient to see in a single day and still drive home.